Criptiques in the media

I did a short interview with the wonderful Bitch Media yesterday all about Criptiques. It was a nice opportunity to give more background on the project, brag a bit about our contributors, and emphasize why this project is so necessary. Here’s a snippet:

Why should nondisabled people get behind Criptiques?
There’s a million reasons. First off, the book is really interesting, regardless of your disability status—you don’t have to be disabled to read this or support it. I really want nondisabled people to read it because they need to! There’s so many misconceptions about disability—people who have never experienced it or don’t have any disabled friends or family tend to find the reality/normalcy of our lives pretty shocking. And a lot of people have failed to connect the dots that disabled people are an oppressed, social group. They have no idea how deeply entrenched ableism is in our culture. And this extends to activist and feminist circles. So I think Criptiques goes a long way in helping to make that reality visible for people, because the writers are speaking from their own experiences. They can give you that perspective that is so often ignored. Just like how I expect allies to educate themselves on racism, sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, etc., I also expect nondisabled alliles to educate themselves on ableism and issues affecting people with disabilities and recognize how these oppressions are interconnected. And a fun method of doing that is by supporting this book.

Read the rest here!


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