Criptiques is DONE


Criptiques is finished and I’m waiting for the books to be delivered so I can start sending people their packages. The book has a grand total of 26 authors and clocks in at 270 pages. This has been such a wonderful project to work on and I can’t wait for the public to get their hands on it. Here’s what you can expect from this groundbreaking collection of disability essays:


Introduction – Criptiques: A Daring Space

Caitlin Wood


Elsa S. Henry

Your Mama Wears Drover Boots

Elizabeth J. (Ibby) Grace


Leroy Moore


Anna Hamilton

Disability in an Ableist World

Lydia Brown

What Should You Call Me? I Get to Decide: Why I’ll Never Identify with Person-First Language

Emily Ladau

Dreams I’ll Never Remember

William Alton

Palsy Skinny: A Mixed-Up, Muddled Journey into Size and Disability

Cara Liebowitz

Brain Injury, Meet Disability Culture

Cheryl Green

Going Off the Communication Beaten Path

Eva Sweeney 

The Visual and Political Implications of Using Frida Kahlo and her Artwork to Represent Disability

Stefanie Snider

Reflection Toward Practice: Some Questions on Disability Justice

Mia Mingus

The Wholeness Project

Nitika Raj

The Erasure of Queer Autistic People

Alyssa Hillary

Take With Food

Cat Moran

Beauty in Exile

Riva Lehrer

On Surviving “Little ‘t’ Trauma”

Nina G. Comedian 

Preferred Provider

Robin M. Tovey

Disability Should Not Equal Poverty

Danine Spencer

Constant Dissonance: Our Noise is Dangerous

Kay Ulanday Barrett

What Bodies Do: Meditations on Crip Hatred, Elder Hatred, and the Vulnerable Body

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg

On Radical Empathy and Schizophrenia

Ben G.

The Reinvention of Self in the Context of Heteronormativity and Ableism

Jen Rinaldi and Samantha Walsh

Krip Power Through It: Disability Scholarship & Activism Helped Me Resign & Rebuild

Bethany Stevens



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