Criptiques Podcast #4- Nina G Comedian!


Nina G looking askance at a door marked ‘3rd grade’

In this episode, I speak with America’s only female stuttering comic- Nina G! We discuss her standup career, comedy heroes, performing for nondisabled audiences, and play a riveting game of Would You Rather that may or may not include discussion of stegosaurus penis. (Transcript coming soon).


3 thoughts on “Criptiques Podcast #4- Nina G Comedian!

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  2. Sorry if this is snarky, but to be a “pod”cast, I need to be able to download the audio file and take it with me on my device of choice.

    In other words, until this podcast has an RSS feed for me to subscribe too, at the very least it is too inconvenient to listen with any regularity (if not quite wholly inaccessible).

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