Criptiques T-shirt Takeover (Just say NO to Inspiration Porn)


Much has been written about inspiration porn, the dangers of viewing disabled people as inspirational for completing mundane tasks, and suggestions on how we as a society can do better. Many of us are also sick to death of the horrendous internet inspo porn meme that tells us ‘the only disability is a bad attitude.’ To this, we say, fuck that.

We are disabled. We are proud of being disabled. Stop telling us our community and identities don’t exist.

For those interested in cranky, crippy fashion, we present the limited edition anti-inspiration porn t-shirt. Available in Kelly green, with a variety of sizing options, this shirt reads ‘My other disability is a bad attitude.’ Let the world know that yes, you are disabled, and you resist the ubiquitous societal messages that disability is only a case of the grumpies.

Order your shirts here!


7 thoughts on “Criptiques T-shirt Takeover (Just say NO to Inspiration Porn)

  1. I love (and own) this shirt, but it only comes in a size 3XL, which isn’t accessible. Can you please offer it in larger sizes so a more inclusive range of disabled folks can access it? Thank you.

  2. I can’t find how large a Xl is on the site, I’d like a women’s fitted one but not sure it will fit. Any idea where I can find this info? Info on the unisex too please.

    • Tiffany, there’s a white box on the picture of the shirt that says sizing info. For a women’s fitted, here are the measurements: XL chest width is 19.5″, length is 28.” Unfortunately, it says to order a size up as they run small and it only goes to XL. My apologies. For a unisex, an XL is 22.5″ chest width, and 30.5″ length. These shirts run up to XXXL.

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