Let’s Talk About Crip Culture!

Caitlin Woo

Caitlin Wood

Thanks so much to Sarah Mirk at Bitch Media for interviewing me for their “Bad Words” episode of their Popaganda podcast, and for expanding the interview into its own piece about Crip Culture. Truly honored!

“I say that “crip” is my favorite four-letter word in that it’s profane to some, but to me, I love it. And I think it’s a good descriptor for me personally. So language in disability is still a very hotly debated issue. So some people want to be called disabled, some people want to be called people with disabilities. It has been going on for decades, this debate. And there’s theoretical models behind why people want to be called what they want to be called and issues of identity wrapped up in that as well. And so then, when the word “crip” came along–I certainly did not come up with it–and I’m trying to remember when I first heard crip being used. It was when I got into disability studies and kind of learned about this whole other disability culture and these rebellious disabled people that were doing all these really rad things that I had never been taught in school and didn’t know anything about. And I really loved this idea of reclaiming this word.”

Read the rest here!



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