Criptiques Podcast #4- Nina G Comedian!


Nina G looking askance at a door marked ‘3rd grade’

In this episode, I speak with America’s only female stuttering comic- Nina G! We discuss her standup career, comedy heroes, performing for nondisabled audiences, and play a riveting game of Would You Rather that may or may not include discussion of stegosaurus penis. (Transcript coming soon).


Criptiques Podcast Episode 3: Maria Palacios

10565015_10204335175044016_4665442169741838069_nI had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing the one and only Maria Palacios: spoken word performer, poet, and ‘goddess on wheels.’ Maria is part of the incredible Sins Invalid family, and is a longtime disability activist (she was there at the Capitol Crawl!). She recently published her most recent book, Criptionary, which is available for purchase here. We had a highly entertaining conversation, discussing her activism, poetry, Frida Kahlo and crip pride. Enjoy.

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Compliments 101 by Cheryl Green

The first rule of complimenting a disabled person: There’s no actual rule for what we will or should take as a compliment.

The second rule: If we don’t feel complimented by your compliment, don’t blame our attitude. Perhaps what you said doesn’t feel affirmative to everyone.

The third rule: It’s important for me, one person, to not write a list of rules that’s supposed to cover 20% of the U.S. population and millions worldwide. That’s why my first two rules seem wishy-washy. They’re more “perhapses” than “rules.”

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Disability Visibility Project- Interview with Alice Wong


Alice Wong

What is the disability visibility project and how did it get started?

Disability Visibility Project: A Community Partnership with StoryCorps is a year-long grassroots campaign encouraging people with disabilities to record their stories at StoryCorps (3 locations: Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and a mobile tour) celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of the ADA in 2015.

As a public radio nerd, I love listening to NPR and one of my favorite segments on Morning Edition are stories from StoryCorps. Last year StoryCorps San Francisco had an event at the Contemporary Jewish Museum where they brought together the actual people featured in some of their most popular stories. At the event the presenter talked about community partnerships and it made me think about the disability community. I went up to someone from StoryCorps and asked whether they had any current community partnerships with a disability organization and they said no. I was really surprised since there’s such a rich disability community in the Bay Area. I thought this was a golden opportunity to do something.

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